Akashic Records

"Remember, the records of each soul-entity are written - or impressed - upon time and space, as you call same.

"Thus we find them as emanations from that expressed. Just as emanations from a metal, a gas, a light or what not - these pass off into what we call space; but they are continuous, because they are a part of the whole.

"The attempt then to interpret or to read such records depends much upon the attitude, the desire of the individual or soul-entity seeking to know same.

"Yet the very desire of such may be overshadowed by the individuality of an entity, as to cause deflections from that which might be an interpretation for constructive influences.

"For it is only the will of an individual that deflects its activity in its relationships with Creative Forces." [Cayce (1608-1)]

"Each soul, each body, each individual is an individual entity. What is done and what it thought become a living record of the experience of that individual entity - in whatever sphere of consciousness this activity may have been recorded upon the skein of time and space." [Cayce 1292-1]

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