Russells Laws of Thermodynamics

Russell's Laws of Thermodynamics
In lesson 38 of he Home Study Course, Dr. Russell presents seven new laws of Thermodynamics:

Cold generates energy. Heat radiates energy. Cold multiplies. It cannot divide for it is the fulcrum of the universe which must extend to multiply. Heat divides. It cannot multiply but can be divided.

Every action must be preceded and followed by its equal and opposite reaction. Heat is the reaction of cold. Heat could not come into being save for the compressive action of cold, nor could it repeat itself without losing itself in basic cold.

Cold is static, unchanging and unconditioned. It eternally lives. Cold light is the basic ONE THING of the universe. Heat waves are dynamic, forever changing and dually conditioned. They are eternally living and dying to simulate life.

Cold light is the omnipresent basis of universal intelligence and energy. Hot waves of light, which man calls matter, are a simulation of intelligence and energy. There is no intelligence or energy in matter.

Static cold and dynamic heat express their opposite energies at angles of ninety degrees from their axes of rotation. Cold retains its static, motionless condition along wave axes where motion ceases at points of maximum heat, while heat extends along equators to again expand as cold. This balanced interchanging completes the wave cycle.

Cold compresses. Cold multiplies cold to create heat. Heat expands to divide heat into cold. Varied pressures of heat constitute the octave color spectrum cycles and the octave chemical cycles of matter. Their varied wave lengths are the basis of our mathematics.

Long low waves of low potential and high frequencies constitute the invisible spectrum and low density gases, while short high waves of high potential and low frequencies constitute the basis for high density solids.
[In the Wave lies the Secret of Creation by Dr. Timothy A. Binder, p.55]

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