This force is exactly opposite to that of attraction, and strange as it may seem, they are both one and the same, arising from fixed, innate properties of the neutral center itself which also controls them.

Molecular repulsion Keely states to be caused by electromagnetic radiation. "Any metallic mass can be so impregnated with certain vibrations as to assume the mental qualities of repulsion and attraction." He terms the "radiating" vibrations as "positive" or "propulsive". Also, that like and unlike poles of a magnet will, contrary to accepted scientific belief, repulse each other regardless of their natural properties, when their differentiation induced by vibration becomes 66 2/3 of one pole against 100 of the other, and that when this differentiation becomes 33 1/3 of the one against 100 of the other, like poles will attract in the same manner that unlike poles have normal attraction. These ratios simply cause antagonism in one case and sympathetic attraction in the other, with consequent motion of their respective masses. Normally, however, the action of the magnetic flow is dual, being at the same time attractive and repulsive.

Keely says the gravital flow comes under the order of the "sympathetic concordant of the ninths" and that it is "that third of the triune combination" called the "polar propulsive". "Gravity is polar propulsion, as magnetism is polar attraction."

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