Dynamic Mentation

"In Desire we find the first step toward Dynamic Mentation. Desire precedes action of will which releases the dynamic force of the mind - the Mind-Power. Desire is the coiling up the steel-spring of Will - there is always a state of "tension" about desire - a state of "coiled-up energy" caused by "feeling," "emotion" or similar state which has been aroused by the sight of, or memory of, or thought of, some attractive object. The feeling inspired by the attractive object coils up the spring of desire, and this "coiled-up" energy supplies the "motive-power" of the will. But, remember this, some desires are acted upon, while others are rejected - neither men nor things act upon every desire. There is the other pole of the Desire Will which must be called into action"and this leads us to a consideration of the matter of choice, determination, or decision, which is so often expressed by the term - "Will, - as I said a little further back." [Chapter II - The Nature of Mind Power]

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