Dialogue on Awakening
"Evolution by degrees is the perfect description of the supreme achievement of the ego. That keeps you in a constant state of allowing yourself to believe that there is a goal just around the corner as opposed to the recognition that if you are the perfect creation of the Father, what could there be to evolve into except the memory of it and memory is instantaneous." [Dialogue on Awakening]

(Q) Why is it difficult for me to remember?
(A) "It isn't difficult! It's rather trained in self to forget! See the differentiation between forgetting and remembering, is - memory is the exercising of the inner self as related to thought. To acknowledge that the memory is poor, is to say you don't think much! The forgetting is to say that the thought becomes self-centered, for memory is thought - even as thought is memory, brought to the forefront by the association of ideas." Cayce (69-2)

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