9.36 - Law of Matter and Energy

"Coexistensive and coeternal with space and duration, there exists an infinite and unchangeable quantity of atomoles, the base of all matter; these are in a state of constant vibratory motion, infinite in extent, unchangeable in quantity, the initial of all forms of energy." Keely, 1894.

These atomoles of Keely's are the building blocks of all matter and form, coming together by virtue of their high degree of sympathy into larger and larger forms of matter. This morphology is not unlike modern morphology wherein atoms and molecules are built from smaller quantum entities. See Part 07A - Origin and Formation of Matter and Law of Assimilation

An addition of positive, syntropic or concordant energy will cause more of these atomoles to aggregate into a larger composite body as into an atom or molecule. If a negative, entropic or discordant influence is brought to bear on these centers they will disperse or not tend to aggregate.

Due to their inherently high degree of sympathy what happens to one atomole will eventually happen to them all - in accordance with their degree of sympathy. If a concordant influence be applied to one it will contract and become momentarily more energized through absorption and more concordant thus attracting its neighboring atomoles which are also experiencing momentary or periodic absorption and contraction. The process of experiencing periodic harmonization (concordance) and inharmonization (discordance) propagates from one center to its neighbor. First experiencing harmonic influence (attraction/harmonization) then an enharmonic influence (dispersion/enharmonization). This periodic pulsation is like breathing or the heart beat. Each of these two states may be treated as flows, streams or currents "traveling" sympathetically from center to center beginning at the center of disturbance and propagating outward. One state is preponderant then the other becomes preponderant mutually exchanging influence and effect. See Part 12 - Russells Locked Potentials where preponderance is discussed.

These two states adhere to and demonstrate the Bjerknes Effect where attraction and repulsion are functions of discord and harmony and as evidenced in Keely's Laws of Attraction and Repulsion previously discussed.

Figure 9.18 - Harmonized Motions (increased energy)
Figure 9.18 - Harmonized Motions (increased energy)

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