8.14 - Vibratory and Oscillatory Nature of Matter

In order to understand how these two alternating states or conditions exist, behave and interact to and with each other the intimate structure and dynamics of vibrating and oscillating bodies and aggregates must be understood vibratorily. In other words a body or aggregate is a result of polar wave dynamics and motions and not solely an attribute of so-called inert matter set in motion by outside forces; i.e., force against mass. Matter, in all its varied forms (molecule, atom, photon, etc.), is an effect of periodic and reciprocal motions of polarized energy states. These are naturally occuring polar states present in all matter, force and energy. These polar states have discrete qualities and interact together.

Which is to say if degrees of harmony cause a mutual coming together and if degrees of discord cause a mutual repulsion then these vibratory states are the CAUSE of certain motions and NOT force against mass. Let me repeat that: Mass is an effect of vibratory causes and not an a priori condition of solid aggregates. Which condition spells the major difference between molecular, sense based or Newtonian Physics and Quantum SVP (Etheric) Physics, wherein such things a "spooky action at a distance" and psi-type actions are readily explained by this vibratory phenomena.

In Sympathetic Vibratory Physics (SVP) useage a vibration is distinctly different from an oscillation. While all bodies or aggregates may vibrate within themselves not all bodies or aggregates oscillate about a center though they all have this potential. These two periodically changing concepts are paralleled in the spin (vibration) of a planet around its axis and its orbiting (oscillating) around a distant central sun. Each planet has its own center around which it spins and another center about which it orbits. Hence there are two distinctly different classes of periodic motion: vibration and oscillation.

Vibratory and Oscillatory Motions

Figure 8.12 - Vibratory and Oscillatory Motions

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