2.10 - Beginning

Beginning at the beginning there was naught but God (pure undifferentiated consciousness) or passive Thought, intelligence, cognizance) which is to say no substantial, solid, objective or material "thing" existed. All was void of densified force or matter; i.e. vacuous emptiness. All was neutral (depolar) state of non-motion-in-inertia or Scalar Potential. Pure Undifferentiated Consciousness has no dimension other than Itself. There was no up, down, little or big, no warm or cold, good or bad. There was simply this Pure Undifferentiated Consciousness being itself. At this stage this Single Awareness was not aware of it's Self. There was no conscious self-awareness or awareness of any kind. Some label this Pure Undifferentiated Consciousness as "Spirit" and in one definition and use of that term that is correct. There was no polarization hence no motion, distance, space or time.

For our limited reference we could picture this initial state of affairs with a single undefined and infinite center - not having any dimension, extension or size (all being forms of limitation) and no God (Creative Potential) would be any kind of a real God (Creative Potential) if It possessed any limitation of whatever form).

Non-Point of Proto-Beginning
Figure 2.5 - Non-Point of Proto-Beginning
A non-point would have no radius, no diameter and no circumference which are all limiting.

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