16.03 - Maxwell misses the mark

"Maxwell seems, when theorizing on sound transmission by an atmospheric medium, not to have taken into consideration the philosophy attending the phenomena of the origination of electric streams in celestial space. Light is one of the prominent evolved mediums in electric action, and is evolved by corpuscular bombardment induced by sympathetic streams acting between the neutral centres of planetary masses, all of which are under a condition of unstable equilibrium. These unstable conditions were born in them, and were thus designed by the Architect of Creation in order to perpetuate the connective link between the dispersing positive and the attractive negative*. The action that induces this link I call sympathetic planetary oscillation." [Keely, Keely and His Discoveries (underlining added)]

  • Here we see clearly Keely's use of the terms "positive" and "negative" which are exactly opposite to Russell's use. To avoid this obvious and annoying confusion SVP uses the terms syntropy (attraction to center) and entropy (repulsion from center) wherever possible.

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