spinning effect

"Because of this position in the wave, iron and cobalt are so constructed under high compression and high melting points that they "remember" the motion of the electric coil which borned them, even after that coil is removed. The spinning effect still continues within them, and will still continue for many years unless they are heated to a sufficiently high temperature to explode the power of electric potential, which these poles have accumulated." [Atomic Suicide, page 186]

"Spinning rings then move around a center, instead of an extended shaft of gravity, however, caused by the motion of the propellers. The plane itself would then occupy a position of stillness. Can you not see that it would always occupy a position of stillness, no matter where it seemingly moved? And can you not see that the spinning rings are the cause of that seeming motion? And can you not further see that the direction of motion is not in the projectile, or the plane, or of gravity, but solely in the divided pressures which cause that spinning motion?" [Atomic Suicide, page 292]

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