Compound Gyroscopic or Vortex Motions

Figure 4.5 - Triple Compound Gyroscopic or Vortex Motions
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Gyrokinetics is a branch of plasma physics derived from kinetics and electromagnetism used to describe the low-frequency phenomena in a plasma. The trajectory of charged particles in a magnetic field is a helix that winds around the field line. This trajectory can be decomposed into a relatively slow motion of the guiding center along the field line and a fast circular motion called cyclotronic motion. For most of the plasma physics problems, this later motion is irrelevant. Gyrokinetics yields a way of describing the evolution of the particles without taking into account the circular motion, thus discarding the useless information of the cyclotronic angle. Wikipedia, Gyrokinetics

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Figure 4.5 - Compound Gyroscopic or Vortex Motions
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