Atomic Suicide - Fig 6


FIG. 6 symbolizes the uncreated universe, the zero vacuum universe of rest, from which the objective electric universe of motion emerges to manifest eternal life by simulating it in cycles of motion. This is God's omnipresent universe of Idea, and Desire for the expression of Idea, by moving forms which symbolize Idea. This is the universe of The Imaginer Who builds forms in the image of His imagining for giving and regiving in cyclic intervals, which unknowing man calls life and death.

This is the omniscient universe of eternal MIND-QUALITIES from which transient electric QUALITIES emerge to simulate the qualities of Mind - Magnetic Light - Knowledge - Idea - Energy - Life - Soul - Love - Truth - Beauty - Rhythm - Balance - Law - Silence - Rest and Stillness.

This is the abiding place of eternal MAN who is ONE with GOD. It is God's kingdom of heaven within man, which the Nazarene bade men to seek. [Atomic Suicide, page 84]
(scan courtesy of University of Science & Philosophy)

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