13.25 - Etheric Negative Attractor

13.25 - Etheric Negative Attractor - The Etheric Negative Attractor was Keely's machine or device to create, harness and perhaps direct Harmonic Attractive (Syntropic) Force which is a build up or concentration of Infinite Ninths harmonic vibration (overtones). See Part 11 - SVP Music Model.

A zone of harmonic attractive (syntropic) force will cause a volume of a medium to collapse to a focalized center in a swirling motion. There are localized zones established of alternating dispersive and contractive vibration, sometimes in parallel to each other, but generally at right angles to centralizing motions. See top-down photos of hurricanes.

Figure 13.19a - Hurricane
Figure 13.19b - Galaxy

Figure 13.19a - Hurricane. White indicates Aggregating Force, Dark indicates Dispersive Energy. Figure 13.19b - Galaxy.

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