11.14 - Indig Numbers

Counting by Indig Numbers marks points (column G in Table 11.01) which points coincide with Russell's numbering system used in his Scale of Locked Potentials. These Indig points coincide with an increase in Power of Two with a lesser Power of Two on either side of it. For instance we see below 2^4 on either side of 2^5 (column F in Table 11.01) . Powers of Two (doubling or squaring) indicate octave relationship. This indicating Indig Points have their root in lower octaves, thus demonstrating a continuity in progressive evolution of music notes and they are not directly generated within the octave they appear in - as seemingly everyone presumes music notes to be derived. This pattern persists with all Indig points; i.e., Russell's Locked Potential notes. This concept of roots developing notes in higher octaves was covered quite well by Hughes in her book "Harmonies of Tone and Colours - Developed by Evolution". There are other curious arithmetical relationships in these numbers and no doubt many more than I've found.

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Indig Numbers
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