Amp - Short for ampere, a measurement of electrical current. One coulomb flowing per second. Amperage Abbreviated A or amp. Practical unit of electrical current; the current flow rate (quantity of electrons passing a point in 1 second).

Voltage of 1 volt will send a current of 1 ampere through a resistance of 1 ohm.

Amperage is Keely's Harmonic Current of the Electric Stream.
Voltage is Keely's Enharmonic Current of the Electric Stream.

Russell - Unit of Syntropic Force as opposed to magnetism as evidence of entropic energy. see Light

Current, Power, Resistance and Work Relationships

Current, Power, Resistance and Work Relationships

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There is But One Dynamic Force

There is But One Dynamic Force

is the desire of electricity to integrate into the appearance of form.

is the desire of magnetism to disintegrate into the disappearance of form.

The ONE force appears to divide itself into two forces
Electricity which is the positive force of action moving away from inertia against magnetic pressure resistance and
Magnetism which is the negative force of reaction moving towards inertia with magnetic pressure assistance.

They are both the same force, electricity magnetism, but they are moving in opposite directions.

The result is an increasing intensity of opposition between the two forces as the cosmic pendulum swings away from inertia.


This increasing intensity of opposition between the gravitative desire of electricity to assemble the universe into the appearance of form by the generative force of attraction and the radiative desire of magnetism to disassemble into the disappearance of form by the expanding power of repulsion is the cosmic principle of creation. Generation contracts and radiation expands. These two motions-in-opposition constitute energy. Matter is merely the storehouse of energy, the record of states of motion.


The apparent division into apparent opposites is an absolute characteristic of all phenomena of nature. There are no opposites in fact. Out of any action the opposite reaction is born; and out of the reaction, the action is again regenerated. The cosmic pendulum ever swings from non-opposition through an orderly periodicity of opposition and back again for ever and ever - increasing opposition, or apparent separation into two, develops an increasing intensity of desire to return to the the inertial state of non-opposition. This desire is all that constitutes the force which man called energy. The opposites of energy developed by increasing desire and radiative energy which is separative and repels. Energy decreases as these opposites separate and increases as they amalgamate.

The Law - Everything that is, is of everything else that is, nothing is of itself alone.

The One force of the universe is the energy of thinking mind. There is no other energy.

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