spiral motion

"When our senses tell us that a speeding bullet is not a direction of motion it is difficult to think of it as stillness which is centering fast moving motion. It might help to remold your concept by imagining a motionless, floating cloud which changes its position because of a wind. The direction of motion is not in the cloud.

It is in the spiraling of the wind. The cloud is still in the same position in relation to gravity even though its position has been changed by motion, which is outside of itself, for it is still floating at rest. Even the slightest change in its position of stillness causes a spiral motion to encircle it and spin around it at an angle of 90 degrees from its gravity shaft, which extends from the earth. It may be quite an effort to comprehend that stillness cannot change, but can seem to." [Atomic Suicide, page 285-286]

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