molecular field

"Dr. Schiimmel says that, where lighter and heavier metals are soldered, the molecules of the lighter metal will vibrate with greater intensity than those of the heavier metal, and will be forced to vibrate in a new plane around their centre of gravity; but here, again, Mr. Keely differs from him in opinion; agreeing with the expounders of what is called, "Substantial Philosophy," who hold that the striking of a bell liberates untold billions of corpuscles of matter from its own body; which, without the transmitting medium of the atmosphere, would never reach the ear. The corpuscles of the resonant body do not come in contact with the ear; but the vibrations, induced on the surrounding air molecules, which are in immediate contact with the bell, are transmitted by sympathetic vibration through the molecular field, not displacing one molecule during this transmission, any more than the disturbing of the intermediate balls strung on a wire, between the one that receives the percussion on one end, and the one that transmits it at the other, would affect these balls at the two extremes." [COMMENTS OF JOHN WORRELL KEELY ON DR SCHIMMELS LECTURE]

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