left-handed anti-clockwise

"The essence of what made this discovery so revolutionary that it upset many fundamentally believed in facts of physics lies in the conclusion that all atoms spin in the direction of their motion (meaning the direction of their axis), which means that atoms or particles ejected from the north end of a "decaying" atom, such as cobalt, spin in a right-handed (clockwise) direction, and those which are emitted from the south end spin in a left-handed (anti-clockwise) direction. This discovery led to the possibility that atoms acted like right and left-threaded screws, and that might eventually explain how matter is held together by some mysterious force within matter and solve the mystery of Creation." [Atomic Suicide, page 271]

"Step No. 6. In further statements made in "Life," "SCIENCE NEWS LETTER," and many other newspapers, it is claimed that the discovery of different ends to atomic particles, and emissions of other particles from opposite ends, gives to each emitted particle "a spin in the direction of its motion." As the motion of these ejected particles is claimed to be in opposite directions the result of the discovery has "proved" that motion is two-way, "which means right-handed and left-handed." [Atomic Suicide, page 276-277]

"A cyclone is anti-clockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere. Right-handedness and left-handedness, up and down, in and out, hot and cold, life and death, expansion and contraction, and a hundred other opposite pairs of effects are produced by one direction of motion in this pulsing universe." [Atomic Suicide, page 277]

"There is no right-handedness nor left-handedness in Nature, but its every effect causes the illusion of right-handedness and left-handedness. That illusion belongs to the senses, therefore, and not to Nature." [Atomic Suicide, page 279]

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