Polarity - Russell

"Polarity and sex are one. The two poles which unite are male and female opposites in all matter. The idea that sex is solely a characteristic of organic bodies is not a true concept. Sodium and chlorine are as male and female as man and woman are male and female. Every particle of matter in the universe is either male or female, and these pairs are electrically projected together in the ratios of force which Newton gave to the acceleration of gravity, and upon a multiplication of speed and potential principle, which Einstein gave in his Equation of 1905.

If, therefore, all motion is solely for the purpose of either seeking sex union or sex division, why should we not immediately remodel our thinking to conform with Nature's processes and now think of our divided, double Pressured universe as an electrically sex conditioned one?" [Atomic Suicide, Chapter 4 - The True Nature of This Mind and Motion Universe - part VI, page 86]


Science has for years been searching for some simple underlying basic principle of motivation which is present in every effect of motion. Mathematicians have hoped to find it and reduce it to a basic formula. Physicists have sought for it in the hope of thus discovering the life principle.

Science has never found it, and never will find it so long as it is sought/or in either matter or motion.

That elusive secret is to be found only in the zero Light of the universal equilibrium, which is the fulcrum of the sex-divided electrical universe of thought-waves of two-way motion.

That forever hidden secret of the ages is the divider of the ONE zero into a seeming TWO extended zeros. And it is the multiplier of the TWO into countless TWOs.

The name of that great divider of rest into two-way electric motion is POLARITY.

Polarity is the controller - the measurer - and the surveyor of electric intensity of desire in Mind for the actions-reactions needed for creative expression.

Polarity extends its surveyed measure of desire from a zero point of rest in the universal Light to two extended zero points of rest where motion reverses its direction, its polarity and its condition.

These two points of stillness where electric motion reverses from one opposite pressure condition to the other are what science calls magnetic poles. The office of magnetic poles is to balance, and control, all electrically-divided motion in the universe.

All electrically-divided matter, whether atom or giant sun, is controlled by a still centering point of magnetic Light. The two extended poles of that still Light measure the intensity of desire which motivates those extensions from their source of energy in the still Light.

Electricity vitalizes and devitalizes - charges and discharges - gravitates and radiates - inbreathes and out- breathes - lives and dies - appears and disappears - compresses and expands - heats and cools - grows and decays - integrates and disintegrates - and solidifies and vaporizes by its electric actions-reactions which divide the ONE into countless pairs of separate ones under polar control.

When man breathes in he polarizes his body. He vitalizes it into wakeful action and an awareness of sensation. He charges his body with higher electrical potential. He manifests life.

When man breathes out he depolarizes his body. He devitalizes it into sleepy inaction and lessening awareness of sensation. He discharges his body by lowering its potential. He manifests death. [A New Concept of the Universe - 23 - VIII - This Polarized, Sex-Conditioned, Pulsing, Thought-Wave Universe]

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