Mother Consciousness

Mother Consciousness

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"'Father' and 'Mother' Consciousness energies are IMPULSES both restrained within the UNIVERSAL DIMENSION and when they have been released from equilibrium they powerfully perform the work of creation." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 5, page 23]

The face of BONDING drags, draws, attracts, demands, pulls, buys, grabs, clutches, clings to the people and possessions it craves. This IMPULSE creates an illusion of security in togetherness and possessions. It is the 'tool' of 'MOTHER CONSCIOUSNESS' inspiring the building of families, communities and nations. It can be productive of beauty, joy, harmony and love. It can also wreck lives and destroy communities when it is 'Ego' driven. The face of REJECTION repels, thrusts aside, pushes away, evades, everything - people, animals, possessions it does not want. Thus the IMPULSE of REJECTION creates an illusion of privacy and security. [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 5, page 25]

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