Death Ray

In The Secret Doctrine (October 1888) by Helene P. Blavatsky Vol. 1 page 554 till 566 is explained that inventor John Worrell Keely already demonstrate his Compound Disintegrator (Picture 1,2,3,4,5,6,7) with the sentence "Had Keely been permitted to succeed, he might have reduced a whole army to atoms in the space of a few seconds as easily as he reduced a dead ox to the same condition". Also inventor Nikola Tesla invented a Death Ray machine, see also an article about him in the New York Times (September 11, 1940).

Nikola Tesla
The death ray Tesla invented propelled tungsten filaments or mercury droplets with high voltage static electricity. [anon]

"Man is planning to alter Nature's plan, however, and release them into your environment, even within your very house. These killers are the invisible metallic death rays which penetrate every cell of your body with ultra-microscopic poison metal bullets at speeds of around 160,000 miles per second." [Atomic Suicide, page 29]

"Look into the heavens. Every spinning spiral nebula is an atomic system on a stellar scale. It is made up of the dying parts of a united pair which has arrived at its centripetal maximum and must begin its dissolving journey back to its source. That dissolution is expressed by rings which wind up into spheres. These spheres throw off more rings centrifugally until all "wound up matter" has been "unwound." Centrifugal motion is the outward direction of death. Radioactivity is centrifugal. The power to kill, which has been generated in the twenty-two radio-active killer metals, is due to the intensively high pressure which has been compressed into them beyond their ability to hold. As a result they discharge their death rays in metal bullets for the thousands of years they consume in their dying. These metal bullets are as potent in killing you as bullets discharged from a revolver, and the principle of their projection is the same. The only difference is that radio-active bullets are so ultra microscopic that five billions of them would not make up a pinhead in size, but their expanding power within your body more than makes up for their smallness. In fact, their power to expand within your cells is their danger, for expanding cells are dying cells." [Atomic Suicide, page 37]

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