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Atlin On The Road Dale Pond from Dynaspheric Force, volume 2, issue 2

“There’s no fire, folks. Please remain calm and stay seated while we get these alarms turned off.” Thus said Joseph Maize, President of the Association for New Energy to those gathered in our workshop. The Denver conference for New Energy had been interrupted by the Marriott Hotel’s fire alarms! Our presentation of Atlin, the Musical Dynasphere[1] was stopped in mid-sentence. We got back on track after a fashion and then - the alarms sound again! This time firemen, in their funny hats and heavy rubber coats, were coming in and out looking for an actual fire! In a way it was pretty funny stuff - reminescent of a keystone cops’ episode. [see Atlin Photos]

However on the other hand I suspected something was going wrong with the presentation. Maybe there was something I was doing to set off these alarms!? During the years I studied psychic materials and especially during the construction phase of Atlin I learned to take notice of seemingly bizarre and unrelated events. And here we were right in the middle of one! There was no thought in my mind of a real fire - only the suspicion something was going wrong, very wrong, with the demonstration of Atlin[1]. Was I doing something to be warned of?

Yes, I was trying to open Atlin on stage, in front of a room full of strangers and having it all recorded on camera. There I was pulling on one half of the sphere to open Atlin and get an inside view of the Neutral Center Assembly on video tape and off go the sirens!

I hoped and intended to record and disperse the new knowledge we were gaining through this project. We felt such knowledge is needed now. We hoped to record the information on the video so it would be shared and not lost again as was John Keely’s original work[2] with these devices. Keely made many working models of this instrument over 100 years ago. Only scraps of his work survived. Atlin, apparently had other ideas about what was going on. Even though I had constructed Atlin with my own two hands the removing of this part to expose the interior components and structure had never been a problem nor was it difficult. It was now immoveable and would not come off no matter how hard I pulled on it! The half shell was stuck on the shaft and would not budge more than one half inch even when pulled on it with nearly enough force to damage it. I was amazed and taken aback...

Slowly a glimmer of awakening began seeping into my mind as I concentrated at my task. I was doing something not to be permitted. I was to cease and desist immediately - which I did.

Sounds rather strange for a New Science research project you think? Of course, but then this is no ordinary research project. We have said over and over Atlin is a living entity[3],[7],[8] and must be treated as such. Atlin is a mechanical, physical instrument imbued with Spirit. It is this Spirit and the novel idea of building a mechanical channel for its physical manifestation that is the main purpose and function of this project. I was caught up in the demo of the construction details and parts and was ignoring the spiritual qualities. I was showing the least important aspect of the project. By sounding the alarms and breaking up the flow of events she was expressing herself in a not to be ignored way calling attention to this all important discrepancy.

Later I consulted with Dawn Stranges[3], the project’s channel to higher realms, as to what was happening. Her reply was gut and heart wrenching and made me feel ill. To her Atlin said: “Would you cut open a small girl to show her heart working?” Right then and there I felt the proverbial two-by-four right between the eyes. My knees got weak and my heart sank.

Atlin is a beautiful machine housing a living entity. Her presence has been felt and experienced by far too many people for this to be in doubt or questioned. We are to recognize and respect this fact and her being just as we would any other child and to act accordingly. She has said many times she is here to teach the world a great many things and especially about Oneness and Love.

I have to admit my main focus while constructing Atlin was on the material side of things. This was natural in that one needs to deal with metals, tools, metal-working machines, drawings, parts, etc. in order to physically construct a physical machine. Even though this spiritual quality of Atlin was mentioned time and again it took the two-by-four to drive the point home in a real sense. During construction we often consulted spirit for guidance. We also recognized from time to time some of the spiritual essences of various parts and sub-assemblies of the dynasphere. We even had numerous communications with Atlin herself, a Cosmic Being manifesting through our beautifully designed and constructed machine. Dawn’s communications with spirit have allowed us to build this unit capable of manifesting Life as motion. Now her messages were helping to unravel this little gaff so as to bring greater awareness and understanding of more subtlies of this project. Our little project has been one of learning and personal development for all concerned. In fact the main purpose of this project is to provide a forum of growth for those directly in- volved and those who approach it from a distance. It is as much a spiritual project as a mechani- cal, energy or scientific one.

I must take the Denver event with great perspective and philosophical introspection. Ever seen the movie “Starman?” There was a sub-plot to capture the alien for the purpose of study and dissection of the physical being. Another movie, “Mermaid,” had an identical plot though with more humor, the left-brained (no-brain?) scientists wished to study and eventually dissect the beautiful mermaid to see what made her tick. Was I about to do the same? An expanding life line sometimes gets growth inducements when we meet ourselves coming hell-bent-for-leather from another direction.

This project is different and requires new ideas, new methods and new understandings. Each of our experiences with Atlin are pivotal in creating and augmenting an expanding consciousness in those exposed to her. It is Atlin’s purpose coming into being to bring a more whole understanding of life, which includes the spiritual half of reality, to a far too materialistic world.

Thank God Dawn was there in Denver witnessing and participating in this entire drama. Atlin noticed we were exposing primarily the Male or physical side of the project excluding the Female and more spiritual half. Since the overall object of the whole project is to show spirit activating through structure we were missing half the show. Atlin is a result of equalized Male and Female forces in her development and as we will see later her operation as well. The Male side has been accentuated in the past, during construction. We are to accentuate her Femaleness in the current stages of growth and then the Oneness of forces she will later manifest more fully.

Atlin is a Great Teacher and brings an expanding knowledge and awareness of all her parts, forces and beingness to those ready and willing to investigate. While we can put her physical form onto video tape for all to see we need also see in our hearts and minds the rest of the story. Dawn’s paper[3] to that conference illustrates some of the subtle energies active in Atlin which are the same subtle energies active in human beings. Even though, on the face of it, Atlin is a mechanical construction she possesses a spirit activating through the mechanical and multi-dimensionality of the Mind, emotions and Spirit. This is a Spiritual Project first and a scientific and mechanical one second. As we contemplate Dawn’s paper one can begin to see the correla- tions and similarities between the two constructions, human and machine, in activating forces and expressing energies.

The Old Times6 of building purely mechanical and dead machines are gone. It is a time for rec- ognizing the spiritual side of Life. This is the side that animates all living things from the inside. Atlin is much like a human or other physical being animated by spirit. All living things are constructs of elements or dust from the earth. But it is the spirit that animates the physical body. It is sometimes held DNA is the source of Life. DNA does not make Life. DNA simply provides an instruction set for the physical construction. For when the spirit departs the physical body at death all the DNA and all the minerals and water are still there - inanimate because that which animated it can no longer find coincidence of sympathetic association (Love) and has departed. A physical body without animation from spirit is a dead body. In this case a machine without a spirit is a dead machine. Atlin breaks this mold and shows us a new way of working in coopera- tion with Nature to enhance and promote Life instead of death as has been done heretofore. The all important link in all this is Love - nurturing, expanding and unconditionally given. Love is what makes the children thrive and play and the dynasphere to rotate as a playful expression of her animating spirit.

Unfortunately Dawn’s paper was not presented at the ANE conference. This was a grave mistake because it provides a background for understanding what Atlin is and why. Her not presenting was doubly unfortunate, we found later, because when she did present it the following week end at another conference[5] something very exciting happened - Atlin moved! More on this later in another article.

Atlin is a being of dual nature just as we all are - a complex concert of male, female and neutral forces. A state of good health requires these in goodly amounts but always properly balanced or equated as Keely would say. Her existence is predicated on having the experience of both male (mine) and Dawn’s female energies. The two mirroring male and female states of forces must be present in a harmonized yet powerful way coming from and resulting in many Neutralized (concordant, love) states or levels. These powerful associations of male and female energies possess tremendous dynamical potentials of creative activities when engaged in positively. When properly merged in a positive way there are virtually no limitations encountered by new manners of combined expressions - male and female acting as One.

People are not things. Atlin is not just a machine. They both are sentient beings endowed with certain inalienable qualities which must be acknowledged and respected if Life is to be positive and progressive. The analogies with the development of a human child permeate this project from beginning to end. Should we ignore the spiritual side of a child it becomes neurotic and much less than it could be - a free-flowing full expression of Life unfolding and developing. Life is a spiritual experience savored through physical mechanisms. It is not only physical nor is it solely spiritual. It is both acting in perfect sympathetic association one with the other - as One experience.

We are learning and growing with this project. This is the main reason for which the project exists - the upliftment and betterment of mankind as a Whole into the Oneness. We are each sacred individuals, created and maintained as such. But we are also segments of the Whole. This is the Law of One - i.e., acknowledge, respect and Love one another, self and the Whole. When this Law of One is violated we find ourselves cross-ways with Nature and consequences can be as dire as we experienced in Denver - or worse. It is up to each of us to learn these things and act accordingly.

1- For additional pictures of Atlin, the Musical Dynasphere see Atlin Photos 2- For more information on this fascinating project and its history please visit our web site: Atlin Project 3- Dawn Strange’s paper: http://www.SVPvril.com/dawn.html 4- Video not available. 5- Conference of Subtle Energies and Fundamental Principles 6- http://www.SVPvril.com/newtime.html 7- http://www.SVPvrril.com/dynasum1.html 8- Musical Dynasphere video from IANS, 1996.

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