Splitting Atoms and Molecules

Keely Splitting the Atom

Keely Splitting the Atom
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It is clear John Keely was splitting the atom in the 1880s - fifty years before conventional science split atoms in 1939 with the Manhattan Project.

"Beyond disintegration lies dispersion, and Keely can just as easily disperse the atoms of matter as disintegrate its molecules. Disperse them into what? Well, - into ether, apparently; into the hypothetical substratum which modern scientist (1892) have postulated, and about whose nature they know absolutely nothing but what they invent themselves, but which to Keely is not hypothesis, but a fact as real as his own shoes; and which ether, indeed, seems to be `the protoplasm of all things.'" [Bloomfield-Moore, Keely and His Discoveries, Chapter 8. see Thermodynamics, Reversible, Irreversible]

"All corpuscules of matter can be sub-divided by a certain order of vibration, thus showing up new elements. Not mechanical vibration, but sympathetic vibration, induced by negatizing sympathetic streams." [COMMENTS OF JOHN WORRELL KEELY ON DR SCHIMMELS LECTURE]

What does it mean to split an atom or split a molecule? It means to dissociate it into its constituent particles thereby liberating them as energy in different forms or states. If we look around we can see there are various methods of accomplishing this. Some of these methods are:

Burn or Burning
Liberation - Keely's term

Keely was splitting the molecule and atom in the 1800s - 50 years before conventional science. No wonder no scientist or engineer of his day had any clue what he was doing.

Walter Russell
"Without the energy of thinking, Mind would not have had the power to transmute motion into those elements which man calls "matter" or into those forms which man calls "created things." If universal Mind suddenly ceased thinking, all created things would instantly disappear. All form dimensions of matter, deprived of the generative energy of thinking Mind, would instantly become dissociated and deconcentrated and give place to a state of inert dimensionless uniformity." [The Universal One - Book 02 - Chapter 01 - Dynamics of Mind - Concerning Light Units of Matter]

"One is an assembling or associating force, an assimilative force of gravity, or growth, which causes mass to draw together, to integrate, to accumulate. The other is a disassembling or dissociating force, and eliminative force of emission, which causes mass to emanate, to separate, to disintegrate.

One is the force of displacement which generates high pressures as accumulated potential; the other is the force of replacement which releases high pressures and accumulated potential into low pressures and low potential." [The Universal One - Book 02 - Chapter 11 - Attraction and Repulsion, pages 130-131]

"The purpose of magnetism is to replace that which electricity has displaced; to dissociate, disassemble, diffuse, disintegrate and radiate that which electricity has associated, assembled, integrated and generated.

Centrifugal opening spirals distribute disintegrating mass over more expanded ecliptic areas, and break up the nucleal, gravitative centers by distributing positive charge over proportionately greater areas which are in equilibrium with the greater areas of negative discharge, thus reducing potential by replacement of that which has been displaced." [The Universal One - Book 02 - Chapter 11 - Attraction and Repulsion, pages 136]

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