Disruption or interference, neutralize.

Also is the act of imparting or imposing a negative influence or that which is inharmonious or disruptive to coincident action.

"Differentiation of mass, i.e.; discordant conditions produce negatization to coincident action." [Keely, Keely and His Discoveries]

"All corpuscules of matter can be sub-divided by a certain order of vibration, thus showing up new elements. Not mechanical vibration, but sympathetic vibration, induced by negatizing sympathetic streams." [COMMENTS OF JOHN WORRELL KEELY ON DR SCHIMMELS LECTURE]

"The question arises, how and by what means are we able to measure the velocity of these capsules and the differential range of their vibratory action? Also, how can we prove beyond dispute the facts relating to their sympathetic government? By progressive disintegration; this is the only way; and it is accomplished by the proper exciters of vibratory focalization; the introductory acoustic impulses which negatize their molecular, atomic and interatomic media of neutral attractions, towards their focalized centers of sympathetic aggregation." [Keely]
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