Kyle Kelly article

Kyle Kelly article

November 15, 2016

NOTE: This article is a work in progress. It will change over time.

I'm trying to combine the ideas from Walter Russell, John W Keely, and some others. I would like to hear from those who have read about SVP and meditated upon these concepts, and would like to add constructive input.

This is suppose to be a very brief overview, mainly creating a motion-picture to visualize the processes of Polarization and Depolarization of the One Substance, in order to activate intuition to seek the most promising and productive paths for developing technologies around this concept.

According the The Universal One, the Universe is God/Light/Mind - The One Universal Substance. It is a material substance, which has no dimensions (all dimensions belong to motion) and it is incompressible, eternal, and the Still fulcrum or neutral center, which the lever (motion) moves upon like a pump.

Polarization or Differentiation is the level or two opposing conditions of motion of the One Substance and the united One is the fulcrum of this see-saw. There is low potential at one end and high potential at the other, yet both are equal in motion. The high potential’s motion in concentrated in a small volume and the low potential’s motion is spread throughout a larger volume. There is no more or less quantity of the One Substance anywhere, the polarization of male and female are but different variations of motions, one seeking maximum motion-in-opposition and the other seeking rest or non-motion-in-opposition. As motion-in-opposition increases both the high and low potential strain as their opposing forces strengthen due to the low potential giving to the high. Increasing opposition of these two conditions in polarizing and depolarizing is the the receding of these two conditions as motion returns to the Stillness, which decreases the strength of both the gravitation and radiation forces (syntropic and entropic forces).

Russell's 180 degree arcing Male Female diagram shows the life and death cycle of a body of motion, which is an example of the universal see-saw.

Magnetism is Radiant while Electricity is Concentrative or Assimilative

Figure 16.07 - Magnetism is Radiant while Electricity is Concentrative or Assimilative

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The first half genero-active preponderant and the second half, radio-active preponderant. Both possessing the same motion constant; they are equal halves of the whole. The high potential half is low in volume, high in pressure and temperature while the low potential is high in volume, low in pressure and temperature. The low potential half gives to the high potential, which will eventually regive and return back to the Stillness within the One. Russell’s cubic wave field represented by a hot sphere within a cold vacuum demonstrates this see-saw. Another example would be two rooms with equal quantities of air, as one room decreases in volume, the pressure and potential increase, and simultaneously the other room’s volume increases and decreases in pressure and potential.

In Atomic Suicide, Russell talks about the electric force and contraction of light rings to form bodies, which expand back to the universal equilibrium. If the One Substance is incompressible, another way to view his diagrams and explanations would be -

polarization is the focalization or contracting of motion, which disturbs the Stillness creating both opposite conditions (Male and Female).

Depolarization is the expansion or dissipation of motion in order to return to the Stillness. This male effort to create maximum motion and female to return to Stillness is Russell's Rhythmic Heart beat of the Universe, it is the interchanging pulse as motion is transformed from Stillness into two states of motion and back to the Stillness. High potential is motion within a small volume and low potential would be motion within a large volume, the reciprocating Universal See-Saw shows motion appears as power when concentrated and speed when dissipated. Matter is this pulsating motion between polarizing and depolarizing, syntropy and entropy respectively. Matter is an effect of these two motions.

The pitch of a body determines this interchanging - syntropic and entropic pulse, which creates the appearance of different effects. Both are just disturbances like concentric rings or waves in a pond creating standing waves, which only appear to move but are stationary and their radiating waves only appear to transmit or relay their disturbance of the Stillness through the radar principle. The fulcrums are always functioning in unison, their communication is instantaneous, their motions are sequential and reciprocal. The change in one cubic wave field is a change in every cubic wave field, so our light simulated effects appear like a kaleidoscope.

Keely’s triplets in his different energy levels is harmonized motion taking the path of least resistance to assimilate, while surrounding disturbances of enharmonic motions create greater resistance. These two conditions create the appearance of attraction and repulsion based on sympathetic association. All bodies of motion gravitate and radiate motion in action-reaction sequences creating rhythmic vibrations and oscillations in the One Substance. The syntropic in-breath and entropic out-breath motions create effects, which transmit to their surroundings in sequence based on the density of transmitting mediums (other etheric bodies).

Perspective [Harmony or discord] determines whether waves are radiative or gravitative based on the aggregate (body of pulsating motion) being observed.

An aggregate receives incoming waves gravitatively/electrically contracting the motion) centered by Still gravity shafts composed of parallel gravity points, which create PHI or Golden Ratio-like spirals centralizing at the fulcrum. Then radiatively/magnetically discharges that motion away from the fulcrum.

Gravity Syntropic and Radiative Entropic Waves

Figure 13.13 - Gravity Syntropic and Radiative Entropic Waves

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[2] All motion is an effect of disturbance or strain of the Still Universal One. All motion is spiral and moves to and from fulcrums by way of conical vortices. Vortexial base to apex is contracting, centripetally moving clockwise [inward] and apex to base is expanding, centrifugally moving counter-clockwise [outward]. These two vortices snaking around each other in opposite directions. These charging and discharging vortices of centripetence and centrifugence correspond to the generative and dissipative effects observed by Viktor Schauberger.

Syntropic motion is the receptive action of aggregates, which determine the entropic creative force of reaction, so the radiative/magnetic effects are products of the gravitating/electric waves. [See Law of Force, Principle of Regeneration]

Showing receptive concussion of Positive and Negative forces at the Neutral Center
Expansion Away from Neutral Center seeking level of coincidence
Figure 13.03a - Showing receptive concussion (Syntropy) of Positive and Negative forces at the Neutral Center
Figure 13.03b - Expansion Away (Entropy) from Neutral Center seeking level of tenuity

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The illusion of particles are created by the differences in pressures shown by Russell's pressure zones and Keely’s triple etheric envelopes (shells with axis at 60 degrees to each other).

[3]Syntropic waves of motion modify inner vibrations, which result in external oscillatory movements. This changes the frequency or rate of contracting-expanding interchange of motion is the creative force, which is determined by the to the internal vibratory pitch (pulse frequency=>keynote/fundamental with a series of harmonic overtones, undertones, etc).

[4]All aggregates are of the Universal Substance, so all aggregates have some degree of sympathy or association. The greater the degree of harmony, the greater the transmitted disturbance between bodies. This increased disturbance is increased effects (reactions) by the receptive (gravitating) body. [See Law of Force]

Russell’s polarization of the One Substance is the accumulation of motion into a concentrating vicinity, which then decentrates motion back to the Stillness. In Atomic Suicide, he talks about light rings contracting due to electricity, which could be thought of as assimilating waves or aggregates coming together due to sympathetic connectivity. The fulcrum or neutral centers of these aggregates creates a neutral center between the triplets, which increases pressure with contraction and decreases pressure as the aggregate formed by the three aggregates begins to oblate. If elongated too far, the aggregate ruptures dissociating into the next, higher level of energy. As aggregates associate they move down the levels losing potential, creating larger aggregates.This associative action is creating the dissociative reaction of enharmonic waves of motion as the apices of concentrating vortices collide reversing direction and radiate the resultant motion. [See Law of Cycles and Principle of Regeneration] The reaction of apex to conical vortex base is the radiative, expanding motion, which is created by the action of the gravitating waves of motion focalizing waves to a point of maximum motion-in-opposition. [See 4plusplus]

This Rhythmic Balanced Interchange of gravitation and radiation is the pulsation or creative force of an aggregate. The creative force of an aggregate assimilates itself to all other aggregates by the transmissive force. Then based on the degree of harmony between two aggregates, a receptive force triggers effects on the receiving aggregate. Both bodies of motion are simultaneously transmitting and receiving vibratory forces. The laws of these interactions between these standing waves can be understood by Keelys Laws of Being.[5] We sense the effects of motion by aggregates, but those effects are due to the communication of a creative aggregate altering the pitch of the receptive aggregate. Changing the pitch of a standing wave changes its effects. All standing waves or aggregates are pulsating action-reaction motion of assimilation and dissipation based on harmonic ratios.

This is suppose to be a simplified polar-depolar overview summarizing ideas on the topic, which hopefully creates some connections. Hopefully this clarifies some of the confusing ideas and bridges multiple great scientists ideas. I hope this may act like foundation or like the trunk of a tree with polarity and depolarity as the template to build upon deeper concepts in more narrow focuses for each dimension of effect. Please comment any corrections or ideas, that would be beneficial.

[1] See Phi
[2] this paragraph needs clarification.
[3] This sentence is too long and contains too many concepts for one sentence. Expand.
[4] This sentence is too long and contains too many concepts for one sentence. Expand.
[5] Is the radiative the creative force? It is perhaps allied to it but not it in itself.
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