"The fastest speed of Nature is 186,400 miles per second. That is the genero-active speed in which light waves reproduce to create living bodies of matter. In the creation of matter the genero-active, polarizing, centripetal speed which multiplies to create solids, begins with zero at the first octave and reaches its maximum genero-active speed of 186,400 miles per second at carbon, which is the maturity of Creation. This is the increasingly fast speed which multiplies potential. It is centripetal. From there it begins its radio-active, depolarizing, centrifugal speed at zero and reaches 186,400 miles per second, just beyond plutonium at the amplitude point of the 9th octave wave. This is the increasingly fast speed which divides potential to assist matter to die. It is, centrifugal. Up to nearly that point the word fusion has taken the place of combustion, but beyond it the speed of death is so great that the word fission has been coined to meet it. The speed of flame by fission causes one short circuit in about one hundred millionth of a second. Its actual speed could be computed by dividing the speed of light into the time it takes for one wave frequency." [Atomic Suicide, page 21-22]

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