spiritual development

"I - We - say to men and women everywhere - true Purity is only attained when you can be surrounded with every form of temptation and yet remain untouched by desire, unmoved by earthly feelings, untainted by earthly lusts, free of craving and longing for possession.
Purity in its every form transcends all earthly physical hungers. Purity is the ability to see temptation for what it is - grossness of thought and feeling which traps the senses of men and women into doing unclean things. A truly pure person desires only the clean and honest environment suited to their innate longing for spiritual love and beauty of self expression in every facet of their lives. That is true Purity.
However, true purity cannot be achieved unless there have first been the long years of temptation. It is a necessary part of your spiritual development; unless you have been sorely tempted at times, and have eventually come to understand that there is a higher road to walk, a road of self-denial, and of sincere concern and caring for a good woman, you will never attain a state of true purity.
You will be enslaved by desire and will be in a constant turmoil of inner conflict." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 4, page 15]

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