recording seed

"Now give thought to the little electronic seed tube which is planted in Africa, ten thousand miles away from your yard. Within that microscopic seed a terrific conflict is being enfolded,

[p. 153]

a conflict between men, planes and guns. It is taking place NOW - this instant - and is being simultaneously unfolded from its recording seed into other seeds in your very room. You can see and hear what is happening ten thousand miles away." [Atomic Suicide, page 152-153]

"Every leaf and branch are as perfect in the invisible oak as they are in the visible one. The marvelous thought about this is the fact that the extended one can perish, but the seed-record is imperishable. Nothing can hurt or affect that seed even though its planet may perish along with its extended "mortal" image." [Atomic Suicide, page 244]

"Chemically these zero points of beginnings and endings are the inert gases of the elements, the patterned seed record from which the octave waves of the elements of matter appear. The inert gases are the seed from which patterned waves of the elements spring as oak trees spring from the patterned inert gas which centers the acorn. The plane upon which the inert gases rotate is 90 degrees from the plane of carbon's equator, which is upon the wave's amplitude." [Russell, Mirrors and Lens of Cosmic Cinema]

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