Mystic - Walking Question Mark

One who practices mysticism or one who is as a walking question mark who persistently and consistently questions everything especially his own beliefs and all socially accepted beliefs in a never ending quest or search for Greater Truth. One who is sensitive to the Universal Ground State of Whole Mind.

"The mystic finds happiness in the fact that he can give happiness through knowledge and helpfulness to others. He finds strength in the fact that he can avoid that which will weaken him mentally or physically and can attract that which will bring him physical, mental, and spiritual fortitude. He finds increased prosperity in worldly things because he learns to value all things by a higher standard, and he places upon material life not a lesser value as some believe, but a greater value, and he finds in consciousness itself and in the very privilege of being alive a richer blessing than he ever realized before.
He finds in every morsel of food a rich reward that others have overlooked. He finds in the benediction of sunshine and in the baptism of rain that which he knows to be of ineffable value to his earthly existence. He attracts to himself not possessions but the stewardship of the richest gifts of God and learns how to apply these not only to his own advantage and helpfulness, but to the advantage of others at the same time.
It is all this that makes the mystic assertedly happy in his studies and willing to continue his devotion and investment of time and thought, and it is all of this that will make life of value to you as you enter on the path and proceed with the studies that bring heaven on earth, God and man closer to you." [Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, F.R.C.]

The Mystic Knows
The mystic knows only too well the value and danger, the goodness and the evil, that lies in the power of mentally creating. We know that if we hold in our minds a picture and give it the vibrations of living possibility, and if we prophetically proclaim that it is to be or will be, we bring it about; we create it in the world of actuality, by transferring it from the world of reality to material manifestation. W know that as each hour of the day passes, the things which we have held in our imagination and which we now allow to pass into the chamber if mental alchemy are likely to be crystallized immediately in earthly form. We must, therefore, be pure minded. We must be pure and holy in our imaginary concepts. We must keep the chamber of mental alchemy so clear and so wholesome and of such a high standard that no evil thought, no evil admission, no unholy concept of our earthly imagination may take form there and grow and be born in the world of actuality. [Rosicrucian Manual]

"As mystics throughout time have found, the road to discovery, to peace and enlightenment is a journey into Self. There is more to our conscious being than we realize and it is from within that we find the keys that unlock our inner wisdom.
It is from within that we can connect with the source of knowledge that lies beyond the limits of our five senses." [Rosicrucian Manuscript]

Cecil Poole
Mystics bring into the world of common experience the ideals which were theirs in the world of the Inner Self. They devote themselves to a life that expresses the forcefulness of the power that exists outside their physical abilities and characteristics and makes it possible for them to devote their efforts to ideals so important to them that they can give up all the material values which may have been offered to them. In this trait of devotion we also find many other characteristics of the mystical life". [Cecil Poole, F.R.C., Mysticism - The Ultimate Experience]

Christian Bernard
"The mystic does everything they can to cultivate and maintain four primary virtues, and thus warrant being called a mystic: understanding, service, compassion, and love. These virtues all flow into one another, and end up merging into a perfect unity and forming one entity, thus moving us closer to the “Rose-Croix” state. But the road is long, and the ascent an arduous one, with its tests like so many stones on the path. Willpower, perseverance, and trust are three further virtues that need to be manifested, if we wish to achieve our spiritual elevation. We can do this together under the aegis of the sacred symbol of the Rose-Cross, and thanks to all the experiences – pleasant and unpleasant – that we have already lived through, and will continue to live through. This choice is ours, for we have our free will." [Christian Bernard]

"In the illustrious Rosicrucian school, there is no master and pupil. There are just men and women who share the same ideal, and who have made the decision to open the door and move forward. Do we not say that there is strength in unity?
By virtue of your own journey, you can describe yourself as a mystic, because a mystical person is someone who lives in harmony with her or his objective consciousness, intuition, and feelings.
Being a mystic does not mean being perfect: in the first instance, it simply means being aware of what would need to be done, in order to become so." [Christian Bernard]

Cecil Poole
"With devotion we find the element of sacrifice. Every great mystic, every teacher who has attempted to teach man to live had met the great demand of sacrifice. There has come across the path of all who attempted to minister to mankind the shadow of the cross. As far as their earthly existence was concerned, the lives of the mystics have frequently ended in crucifixion, either literally or figuratively. We see devotion to an ideal which is not of a material nature. We see love of a principle so deep that the physical discomforts are insufficient to destroy the love of ideals that are not material but which hold the key to a fuller life." [Cecil Poole, F.R.C., Mysticism - The Ultimate Experience]

Ralph Maxwell Lewis
"No one, no teacher or avatar, nor any system has ever made anyone a mystic. All that any instruction has ever accomplished is to facilitate the immanent processes which had already begun in the individual." [Ralph Maxwell Lewis, RC digest, Nov. 1951-Dec. 1951]

Sven Johansson
According to Rosicrucian philosophy, a mystic can be defined as “one who communes with the God of his or her realisation, directly, deliberately, frequently and with confidence, in an all-absorbing, whole-being experience.” Rosicrucian mystics focus much on close union with personal, highest concepts of Supreme Deity, and constant striving for purity of purpose and sanctity. Becoming a true mystic is lifelong Rosicrucian task to discover our true selves with ultimate goal for complete mastery of the Inner Self over passions and childish actions of the Outer Self. [Sven Johansson - The Rosicrucian Beacon] - September 2017 © Supreme Grand Lodge of AMOR

" THERE SHOULD BE SOME CRITERION, SOME STANDARD OF measurement by which the sincere inquirer should be able to judge the true standing of one who advances claims to occult knowledge. A mystical school in the Orient gives the following as the characteristics of a true mystic, and utters a warning against all whose attributes may vary from this standard. Since this seems to be the general standard laid down by all true schools of occultism, I give it as it was given out to me".
(1) A true mystic is ever humble, and lays no claims to supernatural knowledge or supernatural power.
(2) He is ever sympathetic, ever compassionate, ever courteous, gentle, and refined.
(3) A true mystic makes no comparisons, he draws no lines between the good and evil, he lives beyond the barriers of right and wrong.
(4) A true mystic never loses the power to weep with those who sorrow, or to smile with those who rejoice.
(5) A true mystic gives himself to the service of humanity without money and without price.
(6) A true mystic is fearless, he asks no reward, he fears no punishment.
(7) A true mystic has perfect poise, for his soul is at rest in the eternal. [A.V.S. (The Mystic Triangle), April 1927]

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