Jerry's life reads like a celebrity bio: circus performer, juggler, boxer, singer, gymnast, radio show host, comedian, millionaire entrepreneur. In his words, "Every dream I've had—every dream since I was a little boy—they've all come true."

Jerry has journeyed from being so sick as a child that he overheard his doctor tell his mother, "I don't think the kid is gonna make it through the winter," to an adult who enjoys almost perfect health and vitality. Today, the spring in Jerry's step rivals that of men half his age.

As a child, Jerry lived in such poverty that, he says a bit sheepishly, "My mother once resorted to cutting the neighbor's fence and letting the cows wander in so she could get milk for my little brother." Yet, by the time he met Esther, Jerry had built a multi-million-dollar business operation engaging over 100,000 people. His success springboarded almost entirely from a chance reading of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich. Jerry confides, "I was never much interested in money. I was more interested in having a wonderful life . . . and being free."

From a series of negative, sometimes tumultuous, dead-end relationships, Jerry has evolved into the soulful partnership he now enjoys with Esther, which he describes as "Spectacular!" and adds, "Esther is the most allowing person I've ever met."

Partner, lover, bus driver, satellite up-and-downloader, laptop toter, agenda manager, fun and games co-conspirator, and, in her spare time, gifted conduit to infinite intelligence!

Esther was a girl from a small Rocky Mountain town who "never really thought about things too deeply," content simply to watch the world go by and naturally inclined to appreciate it. Esther teamed up with Jerry, the man she describes as "the world's most intense question-asker," and began to meditate daily. After about nine months, summoned by Jerry's inquisitiveness and Esther's receptivity, Abraham came knocking on her consciousness.

Esther muses, "I've never met a person who wanted to know more than Jerry. After these 20-odd years he still has questions for Abraham."

Official web site: http://www.abraham-hicks.com/lawofattractionsource/about_hicks.php

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