law of growth

"Everything constructed by nature "grows." Growth is an accumulation and assimilation of electric potential caused by endothermic, inhalative genera-activity, followed by eliminative redistribution as the result of exhalative radioactivity. [See Law of Assimilation, Life, Death]

"Nothing in nature evades the law of growth nor knows another process.

"Nature assembles all her forms, and transforms her assembled forms, by raising their opposing pressures to high potentials from low potentials.

"Nature heats everything which she wishes to transform through growth in high pressure crucibles, and moulds them by high pressure into the desired forms.

"Nature then subjects them to sudden or gradual cooling by sudden or gradual release of pressure exactly as man cools his heated metals after moulding them into the forms desired by him." [Russell, The Universal One, page 133]

"These two opposing actions and reactions constitute the electro-magnetic oscillations, or compression-expansion sequences, which are present in every mass and which constitute the mechanistic or life principle of the universe. These sequences have a periodicity of preponderances which are first preponderantly generative and then preponderantly degenerative, which we know of as the phenomena of growth." [Russell to NYT - 1930 November 2]

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