Positive Phase or Amplitude of a wave or vibration.

"Tesla has reached out almost to the crest of the harmonic wave, leaving all electrical explorers far behind him." [Keely, Appendix II]

"One of these notes will dominate over all of the others, however, and that is the mid-tone of all the octaves. That mid-tone is the crest of the universal wave. All effects of Nature reach a wave-crest. They must, or perish, as the 9th octave perishes through inability to create a wave-crest by the uniting of balanced pairs." [Atomic Suicide, page 246]

"The pendulum which swings one way has its invisible counterpart which swings the other way. This drawing illustrates a sun at the crest of its wave which will eventually be voided by its counterpart, awaiting at its trough, and reborn again from the same point. See Fig. 66." [Atomic Suicide, page 257]

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Figure 7.1 - Step 1 - Wave Vortex Crests at Maximum Polarization

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