"The nearest approach to molecular uniformity in metallic masses is in the wire drawn for commercial uses, gold and platina being the nearest to freedom from differentiation. But even these wires, when tested by a certain condition of the first order of intensified molecular vibration for a transferring medium between centers of neutrality, I find to be entirely inadequate for the transfer of concordant unition, as between one and the other, on account of nodal interferences. We can appreciate the difficulty of converting such a medium to a uniform molecular link, by knowing that it can be accomplished only after removing all nodal interferences, by inducing between the nodal waves a condition in which they become subservient to the inter-sympathetic vibratory molecular link of such structure or wire." [Snell Manuscript - The Book, GRADUATION OF MACHINES, page 5]

"When using nine nodes, silver, gold and platinum nodes come in the order given, but when associating the seventh node (Trisexar) the gold node comes first and platinum, its third higher, comes last. I always end with the triplet higher." [Snell Manuscript]

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