Kutastha Chaitanya

The Omniscient Love aspect of Parambrahma is Kutastha Chaitanya. The individual Self, being its manifestation, is one with it.

Kutastha Chaitanya, the Holy Ghost, Purushottama. The manifestation of Premabijam Chit (Attraction, the Omniscient Love) is Life, the Omnipresent Holy Spirit, and is called the Holy Ghost, Kutastha Chaitanya or Purushottama, which shines on the Darkness, Maya, to attract every portion of it toward Divinity. But the Darkness, Maya, or its individual parts (presence in each man), Avidya the Ignorance, being repulsion itself, cannot receive or comprehend the Spiritual Light, but reflects it.

Abhasa Chaitanya or Purusha, the Sons of God. This Holy Ghost, being the manifestation of the Omniscient Nature of the Eternal Father, God, is no other substance than God Himself; and so these reflections of spiritual rays are called the Sons of God - Abhasas Chaitanya or Purusha. (Swami Sri Yukteswar, The Holy Science, Sutra 5)

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