Keelys Letter to Professor Daniel Brinton

Keely's Letter to Professor Daniel Brinton

February 28, 1893
Professor Garrison Brinton

Dear Sir
The enclosed abstract relative to my researches (written by yourself) is perfectly correct in every particular and shows that your mind as directed in the direction of analyzing the system of vibratory philosophy in its physical relations to the universe of matter is purely and sympathetically concordant with my own and indeed you are the first one I have ever met who have had the proper conceptions in regard to my researches.

By the express desire of Mrs. Bloomfield-Moore I send this to you to forward to her at your earliest convenience.

Sincerely Yours,
J. W. Keely

1422 North 28th St.

Keely Letter to Brinton
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Keely Letter to Brinton
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