Chapter 9 - The Mind Nucleus of the Atom - V, page 201

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Your Mind is universal. It is God's Mind. When you have discovered that fact you become co-creator with God. Until you do discover it, God speaks to you through instinct. When you finally do discover it all-knowledge comes to you from that still small silent Voice which extends inspiration, beauty, intuition, rhythm, and all of the Mind-qualities you did not have until the dawn of Consciousness began to awaken a realization of them in you. Realize then, that your body consists solely of electric thoughts and all electric thoughts are rings of visible electric motion centered by the still Magnetic invisible Light of your Mind.

If you concentrate your Mind-thinking, the thought-rings will become smaller and spin faster. If you relax by decentrating your thinking, the holes will become larger and the rings will spin more slowly. See figures 48, 49, 50, 51, and 52.

If your thinking is unbalanced by emotional disturbances, or your actions reflect your unbalanced thought-decisions, the tensions which result from such unbalance will cause every Mind-center, which controls the balance of those thought-rings, to act as though they were off-center and the spinning of the electric

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current around that eccentric center will be like a fly-wheel with its shaft eccentrically placed. When you understand this you will know why your body develops toxins which cause your various ills. See also Fig. 46 which further demonstrates that you cannot become off-center with your Mind-Source. These diagrams tell you just where your Mind is in relation to every one of the billions of cells which constitute your body. All of them have a central "switchboard" in your brain which sends messages of command to them.

Remember always that a thought-ring is a sliced section of a cell - small and large - of your body. No matter where you slice through your body, or any body in Nature, you will find that each section is a ring with a hole in it. The hole is where invisible Mind is located. The ring is composed of electrically sensed motion that obeys the command of Mind, which centers it. It can but obey for it has no intelligence or energy of its own. Consider such a thought-ring-section in the cell of an ant. The ant cannot think for itself. The Mind which created it reaches out with electrical messages, which we call instinct. All animal and vegetable life is controlled that way by their Creator. They have a modicum of free will in accordance with the amount of intelligence which some forms of animal life attain, but vegetable and mineral life have no such power. They are entirely Mind-controlled through their senses.

Every particle of matter, in combination as mass, or single as a unit, is purposeful, its movements are Mind-directed. Cells composed of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon in combination with each other, are performing marvelous actions in your body. They are manufacturing adrenaline and dozens of other fluids by Mind-control. They are knitting bones and flesh together in accordance with marvelous patterns. They are digesting your food and transmuting it to blood. They group themselves into marvelous machines which pump, knit, weave and perform many skills with many techniques. What man-built machines do you know of that can build themselves, then operate themselves without Mind-motivation and Mind-control? You do not know of any, for that is an impossibility of Nature. It is equally impossible for the cells

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of your body to build and operate themselves. Each one is a purposeful mechanism. It has to be "created" by Mind-power just as you would have to create a typewriter to fulfill its purpose that way.

That is why you must know where the Intelligence and energy is which operates them. Look at ((Fig. 48 with this idea in mind. Note in it that all that God is can be extended to the motion which manifests God. All knowledge, energy, inspiration, idea, beauty, rhythm, intuition and other Mind-qualities are within every thought-ring of motion in all Creation. Man is the only unit of Creation which has yet arrived at that stage, and only a very small percentage of the human race has risen to that high stage of unfolding in which man has become aware of his centering Intelligence. The very large percentage of the human race thinks electrically with its outer-senses, instead of inwardly toward the inner Mind. Man-in-the-mass is aware of senses only. Such a word as inspiration has only a superficial meaning for him.

Sense-thinking is purely electric. All sensations of the body are purely electric. One who senses electrically can acquire only what information of sensed EFFECTS that his senses reflect to him from objects of his observation. He is limited in his conclusions and decisions to what his senses tell him of bodies in motion. He can never acquire knowledge of CAUSE that way. He can acquire knowledge only by thinking inwardly and thus talk to God direct.

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