still small voice

"Depend more upon the intuitive forces from within and not harken so much to that of outside influences - but learn to listen to that still small voice from within, remembering as the lesson as was given, not in the storm, the lightning, nor in any of the loud noises as are made to attract man, but rather in the still small voice from within does the impelling influence come to life in an individual that gives for that which must be the basis of human endeavor; for without the ability to constantly hold before self the ideal as is attempted to be accomplished, man becomes one as adrift, pulled hither and yon by the various calls and cries of those who would give of this world's pleasure in fame, fortune, or what not. Let these be the outcome of a life spent in listening to the divine from within, and not the purpose of the life." Cayce (239-1)

"Know first, the Lord thy God hath not tempted any soul, He hath not given any soul that it may not meet. And He hath prepared a way of escape for each soul if it will but harken to that voice deep within! Not through some long-winded individual's sayings, not that there will not be those inclinations to say, "Well, this or that or the other makes little or no difference," but that which is the prompting of the inner conscience." Cayce (417-8)

"That He gave of old is as new today as it was in the beginning of man's relationship or seeking to know the will of God, if ye will but call on Him WITHIN thine inner SELF! Know that thy body is the temple of the living God. THERE He has promised to meet thee!" ‪Cayce 281-41

"Not in the storm, the lightning, nor in any of the loud noises as are made to attract man, but rather in the still small voice from within does the impelling influence come to life." [Cayce 239-1]

"Aeons pass before aught but sensation - then instinct - makes bodies aware of the centering Light of that Divine Presence. Long ages pass before thinking and knowing transcend sensation and instinct. When thinking begins, knowing also begins. More long ages pass before God's ultimate Creation - MAN - knows of his divinity through full comprehension of the whisperings of the Inner Silent Voice which forever says to him: "What I am you also are." [Atomic Suicide, page 107]

"Man himself, however, is but still in the making. For long ages he has been unaware of his Self because of building his body. The dawn of that conscious awareness has at last come to man, though that stage also is in its early beginnings. He is still so new in his spiritual unfolding that it is difficult for him to forget his fight for body survival in his jungle days. He has begun to listen to the Silent Voice within him, however, and is gradually becoming aware of the Light of His Source.

Some there are, however, who hear that Voice with greater understanding than others, but few who hear with complete understanding. These have become more illumined with the Light of Mind and their thinking has so far transcended their sensing that much of God's Omniscience is already theirs." [Atomic Suicide, page 127]

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