Agreement between Bloomfield-Moore and Keely

"I saw the following documents executed:

Agreement made between Mrs. Bloomfield-Moore and Mr. John Ernest Worrell Keely:

Being fully convinced in my own mind that I can better serve the interests of the stockholders of the Keely Motor Company's shares by following out the programme [sic] mapped out for me by Mrs. Bloomfield-Moore in the autumn of 1888 (since which time I have learned more of the laws governing the operations of the force that I have discovered than in the twenty years preceding), I hereby bind myself not to give any more of my time to the construction of a commercial engine until my experimental researches have given me such mastery of the principle as to make the construction of a patentable engine possible.

Here followed the signature of Keely, duly witnessed.

In consideration of the above agreement I hereby pledge myself to furnish Mr. Keely with the funds which he needs to pursue his researches up to the time of the building of the engine for the Keely Motor Company, when that company must resign its responsibilities, or make such terms as shall be satisfactory to me and to Mr. Keely.

Here followed the signature of Mrs. Clara Jessup Bloomfield-Moore. The document was executed by them both in my presence, on April 5, 1890. [from Keelys Secret - He Explains His Mystic Force]

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