compound chord

"The system of arranging introductory etheric impulses by compound chords, set by differential harmonies, is one that the world of science has never recognized, simply because the struggles of physicists combating with the solution of the conditions governing the fourth order of matter have been in a direction thoroughly antagonistic to the right one. It is true that luminosity has been induced by chemical antagonism; and, to my mind, this ought to have been a stepping-stone toward a more perfect condition than was accepted by them; but, independent of what might not, be an aid toward its analysis, the bare truth remains that the conditions were isolated, robbed of their most vital essentials, by not having the medium of etheric vibration associated with them..." [Keely]

""The system of inducing differential harmonies by compound chords is one that the world of science has never recognized; simply because the struggles of physicists, combating with the solution of the conditions governing the fourth order of matter, have been in a direction antagonistic to the right one. By this I mean that physicists reject the true conditions of the dissociation of matter; recognizing and holding fast to an adverse law; debarring the subdivision of the atom, and ridiculing the existence of latent force in intermolecular space. I have substantiated the triple formation of the molecule by the differential triple reply that it gives when excited by compound concordant impulses, and by the accelerated range of motion which it assumes under intensified vibration, even to dissociation from its fellows; proving this dissociation by the increased amounts of latent energy evolved, progressively." [Newton of the Mind]

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