Insofar as SVP is concerned 'channeling' occurs when a sensitive or intuitive person allows an individuated consciousness to speak through them or use their voice as did Cayce. Sometimes this is referred to as 'medium'. In Dawn Stranges' case she is wide awake and 'talks' to the individuated consciousnesses while they 'talk' back to her - this is actually mind to mind communication as there are no audible voices. In actuality there is only one Mind or Consciousness. In our limited concept of consciousness we see "other" consciousnesses which is a misperception and a limitation. Channeling allows us to remove the idea there is separation or any "other".

Dialogue on Awakening
Q: Is part of our process of remembering the process of channeling like Tom (Carpenter) is doing or is that only one aspect of many choices?

A: "I would have to say that this is as variable as any other choice made by one who has chosen to wake up. It may serve a purpose which is more immediately apparent, and it may not. It should not be seen in any way as being the only avenue, or even a special avenue. Please understand that once you have made the commitment to yourself to remember who you are, all avenues which you allow yourself to be directed onto will be those which will bring to you the most perfect expression of an answer to your quest. So-called channeling, if seen as a message from a Being greater than, or disconnected from you, is not particularly helpful.

"In the truer sense, if the experience of channeling is accepted as an acknowledgment of the removal of a barrier which you have sensed to exist between the limited version of yourself and the unlimited Reality of your Self, it is very helpful. It illustrates that, indeed, there was no barrier to begin with. Any acknowledgment made by you, whether it is through the direct or indirect experience of what we are calling channeling, as simply being the removal of another sense of being separate from your brothers, or your Father, is very valuable." Dialogue on Awakening, 3rd edition, page 109-110

"Being the channel is cooperation. Being a blessing is it in action." [Cayce 262-3]

"And the abilities are here to accomplish whatever the entity would choose to set its mind to, so long as the entity trusts not in the might of self, but in His grace, His power, His might. Be mindful ever of that, in thy understanding in thy own wisdom, much may be accomplished; but be rather thou the channel through which He, God, the Father, may manifest His power - in whatever may be the chosen activity of the entity." [Cayce (3183-1)]

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