"As we look out upon this vast world of strife, seeing fear in the soul of man instead of love and happiness, and seeing greed there also for worthless quantities of moving matter, and seeing also desires for body-sensation rather than Mind-inspiration, we can but conclude that man is still far from knowing that Light within him which One Man whom man crucified knew when He said: "I and My Father are ONE." [Atomic Suicide, page 153]

"Scientifically, what is happening to mankind at the present time is that he has chosen to distort his balanced circular orbit around his Creator. His free will, supported by his ignorance of his unavoidable close relationship to God, and his unawareness of his dependence on God, has influenced him to choose transient body-sensations, body-comforts and body-values instead of eternal Mind-values. It is not possible for man to continue to distort true circular orbits of man around God, by choosing eccentric orbits or by unbalanced interchange in his human relations." [Atomic Suicide, page 174]

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