Something Called Nothing

Book by R. Podolny, Mir Publishers, Moscow, 1983 and 1986

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Something Called Nothing - I first read this fascinating book in the 1980s. I was impressed. Reading it now a second time is even more impressive. The book is written for lay people - not for scientists or engineers.

You are about to begin a book on science for the general reader. It deals with the history of mankind's ideas on the Void, that great emptiness now called a physical vacuum. We know today that the properties of vacuum are much richer than those of any other kind of matter known to science. A wide diversity of fields, particles and much, much more exist in a vacuum. The more we find out about vacuum the more complex it seems to be. The properties of the universe around us are governed to a substantial degree by the properties of vacuum. We can say that the laws of physics are "inscribed on vacuum". Quite another matter, however, is that we do not yet know for sure in what way these laws are imprinted there. Some things we do know for certain; others are still more or less guesswork. But it is already clear that all electrons are absolutely identical by virtue of the properties of vacuum, as are all protons and any other particles of each definite kind.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.svpvril.com/pdffiles/Something-called-nothing.pdf

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