If we keep seeking, will the barriers simply remove themselves to this greater awareness?

Your desire forms the foundation for this happening. It is this desire, which I would call a decision, that is the key element in that which you term seeking." It will be this decision which will provide the constant encouragement for you to continue to open up your thinking to greater possibilities. What you are doing each time you simply accept the notion that there is something more to be experienced is creating a little void, a little niche, so to speak, within that thought system which allows new information to be experienced.

That which you are is omnipresent. That which you think you are is fragmented or isolated. Each new idea opens your mind [and] heals the sense of isolation, expanding your willingness to more clearly see that which is present. I remind you that when you use the term "seeking" it is well to remember that you already have it, and what you are attempting to do is to remove whatever veils currently cover it up. [Dialogue on Awakening, page 111]

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