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Common Law - “(lex communis) Is taken for the law of this kingdom simply, without any other laws; as it was generally holden before any statute was enacted in parliament to alter the same: and the king's courts of justice are called the Common Law Courts. The Common Law is grounded upon the general customs of the realm; and includes in it the Law of Nature, the Law of God, and the principles and maxims of the law: it is founded upon reason; and is said to be the perfection of reason, acquired by long study, observation and experience, and refined by learned men in all ages. And it is the common birthright, that the subject hath for the safe-guard and defense, not only of his goods, lands, and revenues; but of his wife and children, body, fame, and life also. Co. Lit. 97, 142. Treatise of Laws, p.2.” [Giles Jacob English Law Dictionary – 1750 Edition]

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Common Law

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Common law, COMMON LAW, English Common Law, American Common Law
by Judge Anna von Reitz

Just the title should clue you in that, like everything else, there's common law, and then, there is COMMON LAW.....
The Masters of Deceit have been at work.
Common Law has its origins in the Stone Age. It's the tradition, often verbal, that a group or tribe has established as its standard of justice over time. Please note that such a standard applied to a Zulu Warrior standing before a gathering of his tribal elders is just as much the "common law" for him as British Common Law is for a Brit.
Also note that English Common Law is different from British Common Law and they are both distinct from the Common Law of the United Kingdom...... and so on and so on.
It's apparent, then, that "common law" is one of those catch-all or nearly all terms that can apply to tribal traditional law that is preserved as a verbal standard passed down generation to generation, or a written standard of law, code, or doctrine adopted by a tribe or a nation or even a commercial corporation.
It is also apparent that "common law" can exist in any jurisdiction.
"Ecclesiastical Law" is, generally speaking, the Common Law of the Universal Church, whereas "Canon Law" is a specific codification of Ecclesiastical Law used by the clergy.
There's Military Common Law. Commercial Common Law. State Common Law. County Common Law.
No doubt we can derive a Bird Common Law and Dog Common Law and Cat Common Law based on the Natural Law of their kind.
That's why when someone starts talking about "common law" you should jump on them and grill them- what common law?
Katie Courier, always a blind guide, has come up with her own definition which appears to be "any written law" is "common law". Many generations of jurists would beg to disagree, and in fact, it is a famous disagreement about the nature and definition of "common law" that lies as part of the major impetus behind the American Revolution.
When Lord Mansfield became Lord Chief Justice in Britain in 1756 he brought along both his experience as an Admiralty Lawyer and as a Scotsman.
At that time, English Common Law, which required actual wet-ink, two party, fully disclosed, equitable agreements based on a "meeting of the minds" expressed in writing by freely consenting parties, was deemed old-fashioned by Mansfield and not convenient for the conduct of modern business.
Instead, he advocated a system of "honor" by which full disclosure and consent to contracts should and could be merely implied by acceptance of some service or benefit and which also favored giving judges the "discretion" to act "in equity" - allowing them to escape the "narrow confines" of a written law.
So, Lord Mansfield "merged" the Common Law into the Admiralty system and created a dreadful mish-mash that could be "interpreted" endlessly by the courts that were supposed to be administering justice in behalf of the people who instead became victims of what then posed as their own justice system.
It is from this "merger" of law forms that we get such horrors as "unilateral contracts" in which only one party signs and bears all responsibility, "victimless crimes" in which one may not harm anyone or anything and still be subjected to lengthy and arbitrary prison sentences, and abuses of "judicial discretion" in which the judge's personal buddies and political betters receive the property of whoever the judge doesn't like or isn't paid to protect.
The Americans, rightly, objected strongly to this merger of English Common Law and Admiralty Law and all the abuses that logically follow from it.
The upshot is that English Common Law was hopelessly polluted, twisted, and made into a tool for the Bar Associations to screw everyone and everything else to the wall, at their "discretion".
The American Common Law retained its separation from Admiralty Law, maintained its prohibitions against implied and unilateral contracts, at "judicial discretion" and "equity decisions".
But they are both still called "Common Law".
Lately, we've been beset with US attorneys (all US courts including federated "State of State" and "STATE OF STATE" courts practice this horrific hybrid British "Common Law") attempting to present their bastard as our "Common Law".
Common Law, lamentably, it still may be called in Britain.
But it is not our American Common Law. It is a shady, depraved, debauched, prostituted sister, a tool of feudalism and oppression since 1756.
So when you hear or speak of "common law" with respect to yourself, your family, your assets - be sure to stipulate and identify your form of law as American Common Law.

Network of Constitutional Lawyers

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Alarm Given - Trespass Within the General Jurisdictions

By Anna Von Reitz

There are three General Jurisdictions - air, land and sea.

The air jurisdiction stands above the land and the land above the water, both physically and metaphorically; as a result, the air jurisdiction courts stand above the land jurisdiction courts and the sea jurisdiction courts are last, representing the bottom of the stack.

Once you have this firmly in mind and understand the logic of it, it is much easier to understand jurisdiction and also the ranking of the courts.

There are two "practical" subdivisions within each General Jurisdiction and one "sacred" subdivision in each for a total of nine (9) subdivisions.

The practical or "practicum" subdivisions (this is where "practicing" law comes from) are seen-- meaning visible to the public; the sacred subdivisions are unseen -- meaning not visible to the public.

Each one of these subdivisions involves the administration of a trust, so there are nine (9) trusts total. These are express (sacred trusts) , testamentary (land trusts) and statutory trusts (sea trusts).

All nine trusts properly belong to us, the Inheritors of the Kingdom of God-- so long as we prove ourselves to be God-born and Creator-born and Earth-born.

You have to be from this planet, you have to possess a body created by God, and you have to be energetically connected to God in spirit to pass the test.

Only the Highest of the Highest know this, and they don't tell you, because then you might think more seriously about many things that would in turn lead to the physical, mental, and spiritual growth necessary to be an Inheritor.

An Inheritor can "speak to" all nine subdivisions, which is, if you know your word etymologies, what "jurisdiction" is all about --- being able to speak to an issue in one or more of the nine subdivisions.

As an aside -- when you hear people talking about "Universal Jurisdiction" they are talking about a sovereign or sovereign nation's right to exercise jurisdiction, sometimes called "extra-territorial jurisdiction", outside their borders, and especially when exercised in pursuit of justice in criminal matters.

This is not to be confused with true Universal Jurisdiction which includes mastery of the spiritual realm as well as the physical.

Okay, with all that duly noted, what are the practical subdivisions -- the ones that we see and deal with day to day -- in each of the three General Jurisdictions?

Let's begin with the one that is by far most common in today's world -- the bottom of the heap: sea jurisdiction. Because it is the lowest, meanest, most deceptive, most unkind, and unjust of all, the sea jurisdiction's nickname is "Hell" and student bar attorneys in Scotland are still called "Devils".

The two practicum levels of the sea jurisdiction are Maritime (Commercial Contract) Law and Admiralty (Military) Law.

This is where Satan was "cast down" and it shows. Contracts formed in the sea jurisdiction ironically outrank treaties on the land precisely because of the merciless nature of sea jurisdiction law.

When people want to "bind" something, as in "binding with Black Magic", they bind it in this jurisdiction, and they "swear" to it with "oaths" -- all of which is specifically forbidden in the Bible.

This makes total sense once you realize that the sea is Satan's lair, and the Law of the Sea is Satanic in nature. The realm of the sea is inhabited by Legal Fiction Persons, dead wraiths representing offices, incorporated businesses, and THINGS which may be little more than a label or description or title or thought-form --- or even a number on a dog tag.

These Legal Fiction Persons exist within matrix-like constructions that are strictly organized in hierarchies of authority that are usually highly compartmentalized so that one hand literally doesn't know what the other hand is doing.

Like the sea, the realm of Hell is ever-changing, full of illusions, and veiled in secrecy. Even the language of Hell is coded and duplicitous, full of double entendres and substitutions and "special terms" that only the inhabitants are aware of.

All this taken together leaves no doubt that the sea jurisdiction literally is the realm of Satan, and the bar attorneys are his ministers, with no attachment to the realm of justice. This form of law is private in nature, meant to be confined to members of the city-- meaning Rome, and the district -- meaning British Crown Territory, and nobody else at all.

This will no doubt come as a surprise to many Bar Attorneys, but consider this: the current cycle of criminality which has infested our world began a few years before the Great Fire of London (1666) when a mysterious group called "the Companie of Merry Men" arrived in England from the Continent of Europe.

The Merry Men were an acting company-- that specialized in "grand illusions". To this day, the Bar Association is registered as an acting and theater company. Think about this and the peculiar language of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the instruction to "provide an appearance of Justice".

The Gates of Hell are not, so far as we need to inquire, attached to any specific physical place; rather, they exist as barriers to our perception locking us into a realm of deceit, injustice parading itself as justice, and illusory power.

The practicum levels of the land jurisdiction are International Land Law which includes the Law of Nations, and the Law of the Soil, which is the common law of living people. Together, these two subdivisions comprise the realm of unincorporated business (trade), agreements, and treaties among honorable men operating as Lawful Persons and accountable Governments.

Lawful Persons inhabit -- on a temporary basis -- another realm of the dead, which is honest, accountable, and bound by Public Law.

In comparison with the jurisdiction of the sea, the jurisdiction of the land is known as Purgatory, for it is the testing ground where both the nature of Law and the nature of Fact are examined, determined, and ultimately, judged.

Whereas the sea specializes in "veils" and illusions and deceits of all kinds, the land and soil are plodding pedants, focused on learning and defining the difference between "Good" and "Evil" and in a conscious way, determining the meaning and context of both.

The Law of the Land and the Law of the Soil jointly work together to establish the community and national standards that apply within the boundaries of that country -- for native and visitor alike.

So it is no mistake that the Federal Constitutions are called "the Law of the Land" from the viewpoint of the members of the city and the members of the district government, which live their lives in the General Jurisdiction of the Sea and speak- literally- in Municipal Code, or Federal Codes -- respectively.

Likewise, it is no mistake that the "denizens" that inhabit Washington, DC, and the "monsters" known as "humans" (that is, "hue-mans" meaning Legal Persons) that inhabit the District of Columbia, have to be limited and bound by contracts, in this case, the Constitutions, to keep them in line and within their bounds, occupying their respective theaters and performing their appointed roles.

Lawful Persons operating in the international jurisdiction of the land use the official language of this country, English, and use it honestly with no special secret codes or jargon to confuse or obfuscate anything. Likewise, they adhere to English Grammar, and don't use "styles" or special typefaces or orderings of names to obscure the nature of charges or the identities of parties to a suit or venue of the action.

The two practicum subdivisions of the jurisdiction of the air are Canon Law and Ecclesiastical Law. Canon Law deals with the standards and rules imposed upon the employees, priests, prelates, high officers and bondsmen of the Roman Catholic Church.

Ecclesiastical Law deals with the administration of the Church as an institution with respect to the rest of the world and especially those matters that the Church is responsible for as a result of its own activities such as the creation of Monarchies, and standards of time, weights, and measures, postal service, intellectual property management and ownership issues related to the establishment of names, genealogies, and other vital records, copyrights, trademarks, patents, and charters of incorporated entities as well as the definition and discipline of corporations themselves.

It comes as a shock to many people to realize that these basics of life, such as the establishment of individual identity and provenance have been left to the auspices of the Roman Catholic Church and in recent years, to Ecumenical Partners. Your intellectual property rights and means of enforcement have been established, defined, and enforced by religious institutions, and perhaps most surprising, the Roman Catholic Church is responsible for the definition, development and discipline of virtually all incorporated entities worldwide.

B Corps, C Corps, S Corps, Statutory Trusts, Cooperatives, Foundations, LLCs, LPCs, all the dizzying plethora of incorporated entities and their business models, were all created by the Church in the jurisdiction of the air, and this is why the Pope has the explicit right to discipline corporations. If a corporation acts in a lawless fashion resulting in injury to living people and their property, the Pope also has the duty to dissolve the offending corporation under Ecclesiastical Law.

The jurisdiction of the air is supposed to correspond to the realm of Heaven. All is supposed to be peaceful and well-ordered and pure, without the taint of fraud and self-interest and money, but as anyone can now see, the proliferation of all these so-called Municipal corporations is in fact a proliferation of Lies --- and an invasion of the jurisdiction of the sea trespassing into the jurisdiction of the air.

A vast army of Legal Fiction Persons without faces, without substance, and without accountability, has been unleashed on the trusting General Public in countries around the world and the Church has been dead asleep at the wheel, neither defending the integrity of the air jurisdiction nor disciplining the products of this unholy marriage.

This situation has resulted in the creation of Municipal Corporations as well as British Crown Corporations and numerous titanic legalized gambling rackets known as Insurance Companies, Title Companies, Clearinghouses, Securities Brokerages, and Mercenary Police Organizations, aka, Private Security Personnel used to prey upon the living population of the land and soil under color of law.

Thus we are faced, literally, with an invasion of Heaven by Hell.

Those people most responsible for this situation are ducking their responsibility to dissolve the offending corporations that have promoted war for profit in our midst, and which have created with malice aforethought the present medical genocide and maiming campaign which has killed and disabled millions of innocent people worldwide under the guise of promoting public health.

Thus, the representatives of "Heaven" have been compromised and redefined as the officers of Hell, partaking of the most heinous and foul fruits of the jurisdiction of Satan. In their delusion and love of Mammon, these False Priests and Popes have served Satan with willing hearts "in the name of Christ" --- and many haven't even realized what they were doing.

Either willingly and with contrition or under force and duress, those responsible for allowing Satan's trespass and for creating this Evil in High Places must be brought to their senses.

We must force a recognition of the cause of the wars and misery and criminality that have kept the Earth and its people enslaved for over 400 years.

It is nothing more or less than this, that Satan's Kingdom, the jurisdiction of the sea, has been allowed to invade Heaven, the jurisdiction of the air.

Satan's kingdom has been allowed to trespass and has not been punished and sent back to the Abyss by those men entrusted to defend the jurisdiction of the air.

Let all those appointed know that God is not dead and I am his Witness.

My final observation to those reading this, is that we all choose where we live --- or in the case of Hell, exist. Look now to the towers and the watch fires lit.

Satan has come as a ravening lion hidden in the bosom of the Church, which has well and truly become a whore for him, by following his ways and lusting after his rewards, by being seduced by worldly power, and by engaging in the proliferation of Lies (Corporations) and the hoarding of riches.

The officers of the Church have sunk under Satan's delusions, imagining things that are not and never were, thinking that by making the Church rich they are making the Church powerful. And then seeking only the power of money and falsehoods.

Look at what happened with the most recent Peter's Pence Scandal. The members of the Church were told to make a special offering to enable the Pope to have emergency funds to alleviate the needs and suffering of those displaced by wars and harmed by violence. Obediently, they offered up their hard-earned money. But instead of spending it on the refugees and the homeless and the orphans, the Pope invested it in a new banking center in the Inner City of London, luxury condos, and movie productions.

He lied to 1.2 billion Catholics and stood as a Liar before them and as an Officer of Satan and they did nothing.

It is as if they have lost their ability to add two plus two and arrive at four. And having arrived at four, cannot find a way to reconcile what is right in front of their faces.

In the same way, we all have cause to know that we have been attacked by Municipal Corporations --- DOD, CDC, FBI, NIH, FEMA, IRS to name a few, and by Crown Corporations like Pfizer and Moderna and Astrazeneca and the American Bar Association.

We have cause to know that these entities have no natural right to exist and that they have murdered and maimed millions in the name of profit.

And now you know who is responsible for leaving them unpunished.

The jurisdiction of the air- and that is far more than just the Roman Catholic Church - is under attack from within. This attack is aimed against all religions, all churches, all synagogues, all temples, all faiths.

Don't wait a second longer. Sound the alarm. The time has come. The Faithful Remnant, all those who belong to the True God, must reimagine the world, because those indoctrinated to the Narrative of Destruction are at work and going unscathed.

The Ten Kings of Revelation have shown themselves. They are the ones that shut down their embassies in Turkey just before the technologically induced Earthquake. Exactly ten --- and they have shown who they are.

Gog and Magog (they are brothers) are squared off in the Ukraine. It won't be long until the pivot comes and all hell breaks out in the Middle East, as the Kingdoms of Europe and the Russians and the Chinese seek to settle the issue of energy resources.

It is imperative that we concentrate our attention on peace and on justice and on separation of powers, and refuse to be misled by any incorporated entity ever again.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America


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