9.26 - Orbital Phases

Apogee - Planet has fastest spin, slowest orbit, least mass, least attraction.
Perigee - Planet has slowest spin, fastest orbit, most mass, most attraction.

From Apogee to Perigee - Planet is slowing spin, increasing orbit velocity, increasing mass, increasing attraction.
From Perigee to Apogee - Planet is increasing spin, decreasing orbit velocity, decreasing mass, decreasing attraction.

This simple illustration of periodically contracting and expanding orbits demonstrates a fundamental attribute of all vibrating or oscillating bodies: expansion and contraction. These two seemingly opposing conditions are governed by more fundamental forces whose mathematical description must include numerous interlocked variables. See Part 12 - Russells Locked Potentials

Phases of a Wave
Figure 9.10 - Phases of a Wave as series of Expansions and Contractions as per Square Law and Inverse Square Law.

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