19.05.05 - New York Times - Keely Motor Humbug

New York Times, Keely Motor Humbug, June 8, 1885 - "In rotating the globe which he calls his engine, Keely was unconsciously very amusing. Before starting the thing he did much fixing and fussing. He had added a new cylinder to his collection of reservoir of force, and, while he pretended to adjust nuts and tubes, the rush of escaping vapor was distinctly noticed. It sounded just like the charging of a compressed air chamber, and it took about half an hour or so for its accomplishment. The globe required hardly any force to remove it. The TIMES's reporter tested this by causing it to revolve quickly by simply pressing a finger on it. Its revolution by Keely's force was remarkable simply because of the unsteady manner in which it was done. For a minute or two it revolved very rapidly, and by means of a pulley and belting the force was transmitted to a band saw which cut through a few inches of planking. It was soon stopped, however, and the revolutions were only resumed at the earnest solicitation of the reporter. Who asked to have it work a half an hour. The thing was started again amid impatient remarks from the Keely motor stockholders, and the engine did absolutely no work except revolve. No pulley or belting was connected with it. Thus lightened the globe revolved 12 minutes and a few seconds. Its power was, however, perceptibly waning, and Keely stopped it of his own accord."

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