13.29 - Polarization

13.29 - Polarization 1) How long polarization lasts or persists..... 2) Sounds destroy polarizations at the rate of their frequencies thus returning to Neutrality as per those frequencies. 3) Once voiding has occurred there is no more polar tension or desire for voiding. Polarization is lost. 4) Is there a way to produce continuous streams of HARMONIC and ENHARMONIC polarizations???? Or a continuous condition or state of polarization??? 5) If a polarization could be established, held and amplified this would be a source of continuous tension which would manifest as circular motion if properly channeled. This would not be unlike the bias or dipole created in electrical generators by its magnets. Electricity then is nothing more than a steady state polarization/dipole which can be added to or divided up and used as a polar condition within various electrical components or devices.

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