(from Symbolism or Mystic Masonry by J. D. Buck, MD)
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"This something, at present unknown to Western speculation, is called by the occultists Fohat. It is the “bridge” by which the "Ideas” existing in the "Divine Thought” are impressed on Cosmic substance as the "laws of Nature.” Fohat is thus the dynamic energy of Cosmic Ideation; or, regarded from the other side, it is the intelligent medium, the guiding power of all manifestation, the "Thought Divine" transmitted and made manifest through the Dhyan Chohans, the Architects of the visible World. Thus from Spirit, or Cosmic Ideation, comes our consciousness; from Cosmic substance the several vehicles in which that consciousness is individualized and attains to self — or reflective — consciousness; while Fohat, in its various manifestations, is the mysterious link between Mind and Matter, the animating principle electrifying every atom into life." [Blavatsky]

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