Science and Religion

Science and Religion

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"Religion and science, in virtue of their natural affinity, will meet in the brain of some one man of genius, and the world will get what it needs and cries for - not a new religion, but the fuller revelation of revelation." [de Maistre see Newton of the Mind]

"Science and theology are two ends of a single truth, but the world will never receive the full benefit of their investigations until they have made peace with each other, and labor hand in hand for the accomplishment of the great work - the liberation of spirit and intelligence from the three-dimensional prison-house of ignorance, superstition, and fear." Manly P Hall

“I will now give my ideas of all this. This world is man's belief. The truth is the science or true shepherd. This truth put in practice is that which takes away the sins or errors of man, and the end of error is the end of the world. The introduction of religion based on science is the commencement of the new world. The science which shall devour our errors is the teaching of this great truth.” [Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, Concerning Happiness]

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