8.26 - Law of Force

"Energy manifests itself in three forms: Creative, the vibrating aggregate; Transmissive, being the propagation of isochronous waves through the media in which it is immersed; Attractive, being its action upon other aggregates capable of vibrating in unisons or Harmony." Keely, 1894

The three active or dynamic states or conditions of any and all vibrations and oscillations are:

[see 14.09 - Brintons Laws of Being]
See VIBRATIONAL COINCIDENTS for frequency ratios between these three forms.

induction and the static effect of magnetism

These three forces are not to be considered as individual and separate forces but as three parts of One Force, acting in concert. A sound source, such as a tuning fork, creates a condition of vibration and oscillation. Thus the tuning fork is the Creative sound source. The air surrounding the tuning fork transmits or conveys that periodic motion. Thus the air is the Transmissive medium. The Creative vibrating and oscillating aggregate has an attractive component that acts upon or has an effect upon other aggregates. For instance a second tuning fork of like frequency receives and absorbs modulations of the air into itself and begins to resonate sympathetically Attractive. Because of the Law of Harmony the vibrations and oscillations of the second tuning fork is said to be attracted to the vibrations and oscillations of the first tuning fork or vibrating aggregate. Each of these three vibrating entities is separate and distinct from the other two. There must be a degree of sympathy between them else there would be no like motion (sympathetic action) at all.

To put this triune acting law in perspective we may consider a radio receiving a catchy tune from a radio station. The tune is broadcast (creative) into the air where it is transmitted (transmissive) to listeners who respond (attractive) by tapping their feet or humming along. Or a window pane may go into resonance with certain discrete pitches of the music by virtue of sympathetic response (synchronization or harmonization of harmonic pitches). This action and reaction is also governed by law: [see 8.27 - Law of Sympathetic Oscillation]

Commentary - January, 2017

There are many important elements in this law. The Creative form can be anything or any frequency. But for it to be the Attractive form there must be sympathy or harmony as in same frequency or attuned frequency before there is resultant action/response; resonance. It goes without saying this same resonant condition must exist within the media of propagation for propagation, Transmissive, can happen. Discontinuities result in interference, resistance, attenuation and corresponding lack of transmission or propagation. These three conditions are of course the dynamic of sympathetic association, vibration and oscillation. Or as is now being called entanglement. All described in the Law of Sympathetic Association. Which by the way is the dynamic of all radio and TV function where the broadcasting and receiving antenna are sympathetic or in tune with each other while the atmosphere facilitates propagation.

Keely labeled each of these three conditions or states according to their range of actions within 65 octaves. The chart below groups these according to gamuts of 21 octave (more or less). The chart also includes the laws that govern or describe respective actions or states.

As governed by Law of Force

Law of Force


Modern Use
Photobiology, Radiometry[1]


[1] Brian L. Diffey, Sources and Measurement of Ultraviolet Radiation, www.academicpress.com, Methods 28 (2002) 4-13.

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